• Mustn’t Grumble

    I was up to Bridge of Allan this afternoon for a few pleasant hours in the warm sunshine though the forecast I had seen predicted it would cloud over as the afternoon wore on. As I drove up the hill it did indeed turn from bright sunshine to overcast, and up at the loch it was […]

    Mustn’t Grumble
  • The trouble with enthusiasm

    With  the weather being so good, you feel compelled to get out while the going is good. I was in two minds last night but my Mrs told me the weather isn’t to last, make the most of it, but the body was saying take a rest. Sore feet and sore hands needed the break. […]

    The trouble with enthusiasm
  • Longer evenings

    Summer struggled to arrive a bit yesterday, when the sun broke through the evidently high haze being pushed from the east it felt “like summer” but then the fringes of that east coast haar pushed in and it would fade. Eventually the sun did succeed in pushing through and we had a fairly nice day […]

    Longer evenings
  • Cold feet

    The weather was forecast to improve this week as it progressed, but other than yesterday evening which was warm and settled ita not been great. Hoping it would be a nice day today, hopefully warm but overcast would be good. As it transpired it was grey with a cold easterly wind. Crap for fishing the […]

    Cold feet

The Unfamous Fly : Fly fishing in Scotland and Beyond

Casting on Menteith
Welcome to the Unfamous fly, one of Scotland’s most popular fly fishing blog sites. The site documents the fly fishing outings of an otherwise unknown angler, no one famous, not a guide, not trying to sell anything.  Most of the outings will be round Central Scotland where there is a wealth of, in particular, still water fly fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout. From small stillwaters, like Swanswater, Burnhouse and Orchil, to larger venues like Lake of Menteith, Linlithgow and Carron Valley as well as more intimate Loch style boat fishing locations such as Glensherup, North Coulter and Pendriech ( Cocksburn Reservoir), most of these are fished regularly being within 30 minutes or so from home, along with numerous other small commercial stillwaters.

Full finned trout from Harviestoun

I also love moving water fishing though there are maybe less prime river fishing venues on my doorstep, I do venture out to river’s like the Clyde, the Tummel and the Tweed. Locally I fish the River Carron that flows through the Forth Valley, as part of my membership of the Larbert and Stenhousemuir Angling Club. I also love visiting river’s a bit further afield so stay tuned for these.

The fishing continues in winter too, with outings for my most favourite of game fish, the Grayling, with outings to the Clyde, Annan, Tweed and sometimes others. Very occasionally I venture further afield to points south, in England in Wales.

Not only do I write, video and photograph my fishing and where it takes me, but I also give my own honest opinions on tackle I use and places I fish. No one pays me and no one gets any sort of favouritism, so what you see is what you get. I am no expert just an enthusiast with a love for catching fish on the fly. Join me on my fly fishing adventures, in Scotland and beyond!


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